Adoption can be the right parenting decision for you.

Thinking about Adoption?

Perhaps you are pregnant but not ready to parent. Adoption can be a logical choice. If you are suffering from addiction, in an abusive relationship, or not ready to parent and abortion is not for you, adoption might be a possibility.

Services We Provide

The staff at NorthStar can schedule an Options Consultation appointment for you to explore adoption and get answers to your questions.  NorthStar also provides referrals to reputable adoption agencies for you to get answers about this option. If you need to have your pregnancy confirmed, the staff at NorthStar can provide a FOCUS appointment at no cost to you.  This appointment will provide a pregnancy test and ultrasound, as well as information on all of your options.

What do I Need to Know About Adoption?

Adoption is a legal transfer of the rights and responsibilities of parenting from birth (biological) parents to adoptive parents.  Adoption is permanent, but you can explore this option without committing to it.  There are three types of adoption, and you can choose the one that is right for you.
  1. Open Adoption allows you to create an adoption plan that includes as much contact as the biological parents and adoptive parents are comfortable with.  There can be visits, phone calls, and even exchanges of letters.  You can choose to be an active part of the child’s life.
  2. Closed Adoption is not as common but is an available option.  With a closed adoption, there will be no future contact between birth parents and the adoptive family.  The birth mother will be able to choose the adoptive parents, but will not need to provide any future communication or information.
  3. Semi-Open Adoption also gives you the ability to choose the adoptive family, but does not require further contact.  Information can be shared between families through the adoption agency.  This allows you to keep your privacy but still provide medical information to the adoptive family and receive updates from them.
NorthStar does not provide adoption services because we want to be a source of support to you.  However, we are a place to safely explore this option and obtain a referral that’s right for you.

"Not every path you choose leads to the destination you anticipated; sometimes,
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Adoption is not an easy decision, but it can be a loving option.
It is an option that has hope for the future. To learn more, make your FOCUS appointment today.

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