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Pregnancy Testing

If you have had sex, you may be pregnant.  Even if you used birth control, no contraception is 100% effective.  Missing your period is a common sign of pregnancy.  Other common signs of pregnancy might include tender or swollen breasts, nausea, fatigue, and increased urination. 
Some other less obvious signs may be moodiness, bloating, light spotting, cramping, and food aversion or cravings. Schedule an appointment for a lab quality pregnancy test that a medical professional will perform for you at no cost.
If you are sexually active, you could have an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or STD (sexually transmitted disease).  Many STI/STD’s don’t show symptoms at first, so you may have an STI/STD and not know it. 
You can transmit the disease even if you have no symptoms.  If left untreated, an STI/STD can cause damage to your body.

STI/STD Testing


The next step after a positive pregnancy test is a limited obstetric ultrasound.  The ultrasound will confirm a viable (developing) pregnancy and tell you how far along you are. 
Schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test and ultrasound at no cost to you.
Your pregnancy was confirmed by a medical professional and you were sure you knew what your next step was going to be.  Maybe your situation changed.  Maybe time has passed and your decision doesn’t seem as clear as it was.
NorthStar is your best first step. Schedule an Options Consultation appointment to get information about all of your options and receive a Personal Solutions Assessment to determine your next step.

Options Consultation

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