“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” Barbara Kingsolver

Thinking about Parenting?

Many women facing an unexpected pregnancy consider becoming a parent. It may seem impossible to you, but with support and resources, you can be a successful parent. NorthStar offers information about all of your options and referrals to help you meet the challenges.

You Have Questions

If you are considering parenting, there are some questions that you need to answer:
  • Will I be able to continue my work or schooling?
  • What additional resources will I need to provide for my child?
  • What is my support system like?
  • Will the father be an active parent?
  • How will my parents and extended family feel and will they help?
  • Are there community resources available?
  • How can I learn how to be the parent I want to be?
Make a FOCUS appointment today and get information about all of your options as well as information about classes and community organizations that will answer those questions and more.  Your appointment will be the first step to building your support system.

What do I need to Know About Parenting?

"Not every path you choose leads to the destination you anticipated; sometimes,
the journey takes you to places you never imagined."

Take the First Step Today

Parenting can be difficult, but it can also be the reason to find out just how strong you are. There is help available to you for pregnancy and parenting. To learn more, make your FOCUS appointment today.

No one should face challenges alone.
We are here to help you navigate through life’s tough decisions. The Choice is yours, the support is here.