Pregnancy Testing

Your best first step

Your Best First Step

If you have had sex, even if you used birth control, you may be pregnant. Some common signs of pregnancy might include a missed period, nausea, swollen or tender breasts, frequent urination, and fatigue among others. 
You deserve to have a lab-quality urine test performed by a medical professional who will discuss the results with you and answer your questions. If you are considering an abortion, it is important to confirm your pregnancy first.

How Does A Pregnancy Test Work?

A urine pregnancy test measures the presence of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) which is produced by the placenta when you are pregnant. When a pregnancy progresses, the hormone increases rapidly. According to the FDA, you can detect hCG in your urine 12-15 days after ovulation. 
The accuracy of the test depends on how well you follow instructions and interpret the results. Having a medical professional conduct the test for you means that you will be having your test performed by someone who has education and experience in interpreting the test.
If your test is negative, it could mean that you are not as far along as you think you are or that your body is not producing much hCG.  Our medical staff will discuss your results with you and possible next steps.

If The Test is Positive, What’s Next?

Because you are sexually active, you might be at risk for an STD/STI.  An untreated STD/STI can cause damage to the body.  If your test is positive, you may be offered STD testing services for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia at no cost.  We will also provide a list of referrals for any other testing you may need that we do not provide. Our staff will also provide information on all of your pregnancy options and answer your questions on abortion, adoption, and parenting. Additionally, if your test is positive, we can perform an ultrasound at no cost to you.

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